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Dear Patron:
Do you want to create an open digital repository (Digital library) for your organization? You can do it very easily using NewGenLib.

What content will go into my digital library?
You library may be having following material in digital form
- E-books
- E-Journals
- Digitized and digitally born theses and dissertations
- Lecture notes and presentations
- Digitized maps, plans, blue prints etc... (Any digitized content)
- Audio/Video files
- Software
- Any material in digitized form

Why is it convenient?
You do not need any additional training for the same. You use the Primary Cataloging functionality to catalog and publish the material in the digital library.

Dear Patron:

Do you know that your NewGenLib is the best and contemporary in terms of technology? It works on the best platforms available in the present day world. Let us see in detail about it

5-tier architecture
NewGenLib Application is 5-tier based.
1. Presentation layer: It has a web-based Java Rich Client for the librarian interface and HTML based OPAC.
2. Web layer: NewGenLib uses front-controller servlets for processing http requests and responses from the presentation layer
3. Business process layer: All the server side processing and business logic is present in this layer
4. Object-Relational model: NewGenLib maintains a classes equivalent to database tables in the RDBMS. This ensures database interoperability.
5. Database server
One of the greatest advantages with Java Rich Client being used as librarian interface is
a. Part of processing can be done by the client thus reducing load on the server and unnecessary network usage

Dear Patron:

You must be having a wide number of options(Library systems) before you. These options may be
- Open source systems
- Proprietary systems
- Locally(custom) developed systems
- Or even CDS ISIS/Excel sheets

In these options available, why should you choose to use NewGenLib?

1. Features
NewGenLib supports all the features of a standard library system. It has support for global standards. The features list is available in our blog at
NewGenLib uses contemporary technologies like Java 6, Spring and Hibernate frameworks, Apache Tomcat 6.0, and Postgresql database. Both functionally and technologically NewGenLib is an advanced system. Importantly, it is open source under GNU GPL.

2. Installation, Training and Data migration