NewGenLib - Why should you use it for your library?

Dear Patron:

You must be having a wide number of options(Library systems) before you. These options may be
- Open source systems
- Proprietary systems
- Locally(custom) developed systems
- Or even CDS ISIS/Excel sheets

In these options available, why should you choose to use NewGenLib?

1. Features
NewGenLib supports all the features of a standard library system. It has support for global standards. The features list is available in our blog at
NewGenLib uses contemporary technologies like Java 6, Spring and Hibernate frameworks, Apache Tomcat 6.0, and Postgresql database. Both functionally and technologically NewGenLib is an advanced system. Importantly, it is open source under GNU GPL.

2. Installation, Training and Data migration
Installation of NewGenLib is a simple process. All the third-party software it uses are either free or open source. A detailed step-by-step installation process is available at

Training on NewGenLib system is very important to harness all its features effectively. You can train yourself on NewGenLib very easily. Say good bye to reading the boring manuals. We hosted videos on YouTube that will train you on NewGenLib. Visit to see these videos. More videos are being added shortly.

Data migration: All your existing data can be migrated to NewGenLib with zero-cost. Data migration is an email away. Send us your details with your data, we will migrate it into NewGenLib. All your years of hard work will be carefully migrated to NewGenLib. Send us an email to with your details and data.

3. Free customer support and services
Apart from our forums at we understand that at critical times you need an expert to help you. Click on this link and get an expert attend to your problem immediately. You do not have to pay for this support.

4. NewGenLib - Future road map
We the developers offer the community a "life-long open source guarantee". This means all future versions of NewGenLib will be open source. Source code can be downloaded through svn at

A guaranteed release for every 45 days: New features and bug fixes will be added in every release.

Your library management system: NewGenLib is your system, we will develop it the way you want. Join our community and steer its development to satisfy your library requirements. Email us at

Wishing you a happy library management.

Warm regards,
NewGenLib Open Source Team