NewGenLib: A complete Integrated Library System

Dear Patrons:
Are you using NewGenLib? Or are you planning(or evaluate). You should know what your NewGenLib can do for you. This mail provides a bird’s eye view of various functional modules in NewGenLib. The functional modules supported by NewGenLib are

1. Technical Processing
2. Circulation
3. Acquisitions
4. Serials management
5. MIS Reports
6. Web OPAC
7. Administration (System settings)
8. Utilities

Technical processing (Cataloging module)
- Primary or Original Cataloging
- Copy cataloging (Import catalog records in MARC Communication format or MARC Tagged format)
- Supports MARC21 for bibliographic, authority and holdings data
- Customizable data entry templates
- Customizable search indexes
- Data export in Dublin core, MARC XML, and MODS 3.0
- Uses “MARC Edit” for Z39.50 client functionality
- OAI-PMH support
- Embedded SRU/W server
- Support for MARC21 for authority data enables you to build your own thesaurus

- Check out (Issues)
- Check in (Returns)
- Renew items on loan
- Reservation (Request for holds)
- Recall items on loan
- Inter-Library loan process
- Binding management
- Lost item process
- Weed out process
- Auto reminders for renewals
- Auto overdue notices
- Email (SMTP and Google Apps) integration
- SMS gateway integration

- Recommendation process
- On-approvals process
- Firm orders (including advance payments)
- Claim generation
- Receive orders (Invoice and Item Processing)
- Accessioning
- Payment process
- Registering payment details
- Gifts, exchange items
- Quotation (Tender) process
- Integrated budget management

Serials management
- Preparation of subscription lists
- Firm orders
- Receive invoice
- Payment process
- Registering payment details
- Registering(Check in) Serial issues, supplement(or special issues) and Indexes
- Handles out of turn receipts, combined issues, duplicate issues, delayed and dispatched issues
- Subscription renewals
- Auto and manual claim generation
- Archiving and binding management
- Integrated budget management

MIS Reports
Acquisitions: Accession register, Budget expenditure, Vendor performance
Technical Processing: Customized list of titles, List of new arrivals, Documentation list
Circulation: Stock verification, Checked out material details, Current reservations, Detailed Circulation Transaction, Overdue material, Patron List (Users List), Items reported lost, Daily Circulation Transaction, Items under binding
Serials management: Current subscriptions, Duplicate issues, Missing issues, Unfulfilled subscriptions, Current arrivals, Budget expenditure, List of subscriptions

- Search catalog (Free text, Basic and Advanced search)
- Customizable search indexes
- Users can place reservations (Request for holds)
- Recommend new books
- Renew items online
- Book covers and Google previews
- View circulation history online
- Support for Vufind
- Support for xCatalog shortly
- Customizable OPAC content

Administration (System settings)
All the functional modules settings are present in this module

Though the system has all the functional modules, we, the open source team are in efforts to make the system more user friendly, robust and functional.
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NewGenLib Open Source Team