Theme Features

This is a complete bunch of awesome beautiful web-design with extensive power of Drupal.

Below are few highlights on theme features: -

  • Fixed/ Fluid Layout Options.
  • 3 Column Layout Options.
  • 11 (eleven) Color/background options.
  • Jquery animated any level menu
  • Cross Browser Compaitable (All major browsers including ie6, ie7, ie8, firefox, safari, chrome)

More Features

  • Jquery Powered Dynamic Display Block, a beautiful front featured.
  • Top Stories of the week
  • All Content Type's are Themed.
  • Advanced theme settings.
  • Advanced block settings.
  • Extensive Block Flexibility.
  • 3 Block themes.
  • Animated Quick Tabs.
  • Typewriter style quick news block.
  • Beautifully themed Contact Form in the bottom for your quick contact for your website users.
  • Advanced Typography Options.
  • Sub-Theming facility. (Easily Update/upgrade your Theme)

    Meaning you are provided with a separate folder for you work .i.e. city_magazine_custom theme. Work only in city_magazine_custom folder so that all original code can be kept separated, so that if there are any more updates in city_magazine then you just need to update the city_magazine folder and you own changes will remain there with you and you theme will be easily updated.

Not just a theme, but a complete installation package.

Remember this is an addictive theme more you will see more you will love it :).

An easy one-click quick start theme. All modules are preconfigured and installed in the theme (installation profile) and start posting you content, stories, news etc.

Super easy installing the theme: -

  • City Magazine comes with installation profile, you just need to create the database for your website (learn more)
  • Follow all the steps that you need while installing Drupal (learn more). During choosing profile, select the City Magazine as an installation profile.
  • Once you have successfully installed the City Magazine Theme, browse to your website address (as you installed.)
  • The default admin access for your site will be as username/password - admin/admin. Please change your password from admin to your desired password immediately for security purpose.
  • You new advanced Drupal theme is installed. Enjoy!
  • IF you face any problem related the theme let me know I will be always there to help you.
  • These are the only few features. More you will use the theme more you will be loving it.

List of the Modules Used

  • admin_menu
  • better_formats
  • better_messages
  • cck
  • comment_notify
  • css_gzip
  • ddblock
  • demo
  • imagefield
  • imagecache
  • imageapi
  • filefield
  • imce
  • imce_wysiwyg
  • jquery_update
  • lightbox2
  • page_title
  • menu_block
  • nice_menus
  • nodequeue
  • pathauto
  • pngfix
  • quicktabs
  • skinr
  • token
  • views
  • views_bbc_ticker
  • webform
  • wysiwyg