Want to Migrate to NewGenLib 3.0? But stuck with your old database

To maintain your library catalog are you using

  • A spread sheet?
  • In-house library software ?
  • Locally developed library software?
  • Any other ILMS?

You must have spent considerable amount of time and efforts to build this database.

By migrating to NewGenLib

  • You can get all your data imported into NewGenLib database. And ready to use.
  • Get all the good features of NewGenLib database
  • Get all new updates, upgrades, versions, and bug fixes of NewGenLib free-of-cost for life-time. NewGenLib guarantees life-time open source releases.
And the best part is, get data migration done FREE OF COST. We have already developed ready-to-use migration tools for Excel sheets, CDSISIS and other ILMS. Interested in migration?