How to Launch NewGenLib Desktop at Server and Client PC ?

How to Launch NewGenLib Desktop at Server and Client PC ?

NewGenLib desktop is an application which can generate various module reports in Acquisitions, Technical Processing, Circulation, and Serial Management. It also has a couple of utility functions. Many a times I find librarians facing difficulties in making it work.

Before Launching NewGenLib Desktop on the Clients follow these steps

On your Server system

All the below steps must be done on the Server system

Step 1: Close NewGenLib Server

Your NewGenLib Server (Apache tomcat) must not be running. Close the server (Using ctrl-c).

Step 2: Edit ENV_VAR.txt

ENV_VAR.txt is avilable at C:/NewGenLibFiles/SystemFiles directory. Open ENV_VAR.txt with Wordpad. In the IPADDRESS you will usually find the value localhost. Replace it with the IP Address of the server machine. See the screen shot below.

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Step 3: Edit dbconnection.xml

dbconnection.xml is the file that defines NewGenLib's connectivity to database. Let us now edit it. dbconnection.xml is found at C:/NewGenLibFiles/HibernateConfig directory. Open this file with Wordpad. In “hibernate.connection.url” property you can see a value jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/newgenlib. In the place of "localhost" put the server IP Address.

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Step 4: Edit postgres-ds.xml

This file is auto-generated. Hence it need not be edited. However for any reason if the auto-generation fails this file poses a problem. Hence lets make sure this has has the right values.

Go to C:/NGL302/apache-tomcat-6.0.29/webapps/ desktop/NewGenLibDesktopFiles/SystemFiles there you will find postgres-ds.xml. Open it with wordpad. By default it will change into ServerIP. If not please change in the place of localhost as ServerIP. In the “connection-url” property see the value. If there is localhost or an IP address

other than your server's ip address remove it and put your server IP address.

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Step 5: Edit pg_hba.conf

In Windows OS, click on Start --> Programs --> PostgreSQL 8.3 --> Configuration files --> Open Edit pg_hba.conf.

Here you will find CIDR-ADDRESS as and METHOD as md5 Please

Change CIDR-ADDRESS as and METHOD as trust as shown below.

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Step 6: Edit postgresql.conf

In your Windows Operating system go to Start --> Programs --> PostgreSQL 8.3 --> Configuration files --> Open Edit postgresql.conf There you will find CONNECTIONS AUTHENTICATION below you will find

#listen_addresses='localhost' change it to




change it to


It should look like the screen shot shown below

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Step 7: Firewall options

Check if your firewall is running. If it running make sure you add an exception for port 5432 as shown below. Windows has a native firewall, sometimes the anti-virus you have installed must be having an in-built firewall. Take the help of your system administrator to disable this firewall or add port 5432 as an exception.

Step 8: Start NewGenLib Server

That's it we have finished all the configuration settings.

Now on the client systems(or even on server)

Launch Desktop

Open Internet Explorer (Or any browser) and in the address bar type

http://ip address of the server:8080/desktop/Launch

Open Internet Explorer (Or any browser) and in the address bar type

In the above statement you have to put your server IP address instead to ip address of the server