NewGenLib - Create digital library conveniently

Dear Patron:
Do you want to create an open digital repository (Digital library) for your organization? You can do it very easily using NewGenLib.

What content will go into my digital library?
You library may be having following material in digital form
- E-books
- E-Journals
- Digitized and digitally born theses and dissertations
- Lecture notes and presentations
- Digitized maps, plans, blue prints etc... (Any digitized content)
- Audio/Video files
- Software
- Any material in digitized form

Why is it convenient?
You do not need any additional training for the same. You use the Primary Cataloging functionality to catalog and publish the material in the digital library.
Your users do not have to access two different systems for information. They search the unified database.

What standards does NewGenLib follow for building digital library?
- OAI-PMH - Open Archives Initiative - Protocol for metadata harvesting
- Metadata standards - Dublin core, MODS 3.0 and MARC21 (XML)

What is the technology used for streaming data?
NewGenLib uploads the data into the repository using FTP. However data is streamed either in FTP or HTTP.

How to get this functionality working in my NewGenLib installation?
Simple steps to enable this functionality are mentioned in
Also, when ever you catalog an item that belongs to the open repository you must check the "Open Archive" check box in the Primary Cataloging screen.

Why should I choose NewGenLib over popularly available Digital Library Software?
- If you want a unified database of conventional and digital library. This is convenient to you as well as the users.
- If you do not have a work flow, then it is very simple to use NewGenLib than an exclusive digital library software.

Download and install NewGenLib from

Wishing you a happy library management.

Warm regards,
NewGenLib Open Source Team