Setup NewGenLib to handle Digital attachments

Versions 3.0.2 and later support digital attachments through FTP. The below are the steps to be followed to install Digital attachments support to your NewGenLib installation

  1. Check if you already have a FTP server installed on your system. Server operating systems are usually shipped with a FTP Server. If you do not have it, you can download one from FileZilla. Note that you can use any FTP Server.
  2. Create a directory that is going to hold your digital attachments. For example: D:/DigitalAttachments(For Linux you may choose a directory in your home directory)
  3. In the above directory make sure you create a directory named CatalogueRecords
  4. Now create an FTP account in your FTP server. This account will have a user name and password. Also make sure that this FTP account has read-write-list permissions to the above directory(CatalogueRecords directory)
  5. Now we will set this FTP account details in NewGenLib: Go to C:/NewGenLibFiles/SystemFiles/ENV_VAR.txt(For Linux /usr/NewGenLibFiles/SystemFiles/ENV_VAR.txt). Add(if already available edit them) the following key-value pairs
    ATTACHMENTS_FTP_SERVER_USER_NAME=user name you created



    (If you have defined some other path please give that path)

  6. Now close your NewGenLib Server and start it again. That's it you can see your digital attachments working now.