NewGenLib: Its Technology

Dear Patron:

Do you know that your NewGenLib is the best and contemporary in terms of technology? It works on the best platforms available in the present day world. Let us see in detail about it

5-tier architecture
NewGenLib Application is 5-tier based.
1. Presentation layer: It has a web-based Java Rich Client for the librarian interface and HTML based OPAC.
2. Web layer: NewGenLib uses front-controller servlets for processing http requests and responses from the presentation layer
3. Business process layer: All the server side processing and business logic is present in this layer
4. Object-Relational model: NewGenLib maintains a classes equivalent to database tables in the RDBMS. This ensures database interoperability.
5. Database server
One of the greatest advantages with Java Rich Client being used as librarian interface is
a. Part of processing can be done by the client thus reducing load on the server and unnecessary network usage
b. Avoid server side memory usage for sessions

Might of Java
Java technology's versatility, efficiency, platform portability, and security make it the ideal technology for network computing. From laptops to datacenters, game consoles to scientific supercomputers, cell phones to the Internet, Java is everywhere! NewGenLib uses best frameworks in the present day world like Spring and Hibernate to give you a world-class application. Apart from these it also uses many other third party java libraries. NewGenLib is an Java Enterprise application.

Zero cost of implementation
To use NewGenLib you will not be compelled to buy anything else. All you need is a computer with recommended hardware configuration. You can bring your library to life using Linux (Ubuntu/CentOS/OpenSuse), OpenOffice(or LibreOffice), Java platform, Postgresql database and above all NewGenLib. All are open source and/or free.

Future roadmap: Technology perspective
-Shortly you will be able to run NewGenLib on Oracle, MS SQL Server, and MySQL.
-NewGenLib is a Java Web Application hence it can run on Weblogic and Websphere application servers also. Tested versions on these application servers will be released shortly.
-Andriod applications for libraries using NewGenLib are in the pipe-line, we intend to bring critical library administration to the librarian's mobile.

Get-started with NewGenLib
Are you not sure where and how to get started? We are only an email away, send us an email to
We will guide you step by step towards complete automation of your library. Visit us at

Wishing you a happy library management.

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