NewGenLib Circulation module: Circulation made Simple and Powerful

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Automation at your Circulation desk must be simple, powerful and communicative. It must be simple because in most of the cases the circulation desk may be handled by professionals who are not aware of library science. Also, circulation desk must be highly communicative with the users availing its service. NewGenLib's circulation module is designed to be simple, powerful and communicative.

Very simple-to-use interfaces & rapid functionality
Circulation module is designed to be very
- Simple: So that circulation desk staff can handle them easily with little or no training. It will take less than 30 mins to train the circulation desk staff on critical circulation desk activities.
- Rapid (Speed in usage): Interfaces are designed in such a way that you can easily handle long queues of users at the circulation desk.
- Communicative: As soon as a transaction is carried out in circulation, a thread (in the server) in the server starts dispatching an email and SMS to the user about the transaction. NewGenLib is a multi-threaded application that efficiently uses server/client's processor's speed.

Functionalities with in Circulation
The following functionalities are available with in circulation module
- Issues/Check outs
- Returns/Check ins
- Reservations (Books can be reserved on-line through OPAC as well as librarian's interface)
- Renewals (Renewals can be done on-line through OPAC as well as librarian's interface)
- Recall process
- Report loss of item process
- Weed out process
- Inter-Library loan process
- Binding process
- Reports
- Circulation transaction information is maintained to the minutest level.

Auto-email functionality
Holding an email account for the library and having an auto-email functionality now comes with zero-cost. Create an email account for your library in Gmail and configure NewGenLib to this account. That's it you have an auto-email functionality all set. If the library has an email account on an SMTP server, you can configure NewGenLib to send emails via that SMTP server.

Want to learn more
Learn more about circulation module in detail by visiting circulation tutorial in the NewGenLib Knowledge Bank

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