Circulation tutorial

Now we go through all the functionalities in circulation. Either you can click on a functionality and directly go to it or take all the tutorials in a sequence.

  1. If you are using the circulation module for the first time, you need first start with basic system configuration. Click on this link to see the basic system configuration required to start circulation
  2. Check-outs/Issues: Check-out or Issue items to patrons
  3. Check-ins/Returns: Check-in or return items into the library from the patron
  4. Renewals: Renews items that are on loan
  5. Reservations: If all the copies of a book are checked out then patron can reserve for books.
  6. Binding management: Books are subjected to natural wear and tear. If such items need re-binding use this process.
  7. Recall: If an item on loan is urgently required by the library you may recall the item using this functionality.
  8. Collect overdue: At the time of check in if there is an overdue and patron has not paid(or partially paid), you may collect the over due here.
  9. Weed-out: Weed out process
  10. Process reported loss of item: If patron declares that the book checked out by the patron is lost, then item can marked as lost in this functionality