Download and install the all new NewGenLib Open Source version 3.0.3

Dear Patrons:

Greetings from NewGenLib Open Source.

As promised to the community a guaranteed release for every 45 days, we are happy to release the new version 3.0.3.

How to upgrade NewGenLib from 2.0, 3.0, 3.0.1 To 3.0.3?
To upgrade NewGenLib from 2.0, 3.0, or 3.0.1 to version 3.0.3 please visit

How to upgrade NewGenLib from 3.0.2 to 3.0.3?
To upgrade NewGenLib from 3.0.2 to 3.0.3 please visit

What's cooking now?
At the development house we have started preparations for our new releases. This includes
- Language packs for selected European and Asian languages
- Version 3.0.4 - Project Acquisitions
- NewGenLib Desktop 2.0 (Reports functionality)
Your inputs are highly appreciated.

What's new in this version?
Though we already shared with you the new features added in this version, we are summarising it again.
1. More sophisticated Circulation privileges

- Overall loan limit feature added. For example, your users are entitled to loan 10 books, 5 CDs, 3 Reference material. If you set the Overall loan limit as 10 then the user irrespective of material category can loan only 10 items.
- Overnight loans feature added: You can now define loan period in hours for reference material. Also, you can collect over dues on hourly basis.
- Good news for libraries that manage Book banks. You can now set last day of the semester/academic year as a due date.
- Holidays can be included/excluded while determining due date and calculating over due.

2. Utilities for academic libraries

Academic libraries deactivate student memberships at the end of the semester/year and reactivate them at the beginning of the successive semester/year. NewGenLib now provides tools to activate/deactivate user memberships in a batch.
Secondly, students are usually identified by their Id, Name, Department and Course. Course when defined with precision like (Bachelor in Engineering 2nd Year), is tend to change every year. NewGenLib now provides tools to promote students from one course to their successive course in a batch.

3. Quick information utility

Two utility information windows have been provided in Circulation. One is Item information and other is User information. These information windows provide complete and detailed information of the item and user respectively.

4. New functionalities added in Circulation

- Batch import items that must be processed for weeding out is now available. You can also add reason for weeding out in a batch.
- You can undo the process of weeding out of an item. And also bring weeded out material back to racks
- You can undo the process loss of item.

5. Changes in OPAC

- In the search results page, you can now click on a record and see it details as a pop-up. This avoids the necessity to navigate to a new page to view details.
- Display of "Other books in the rack" is available.

6. Changes in technology

NewGenLib can now be configured to use Proxy server to
- Fetch book covers
- Send SMSs(To the SMS gateway portals)
- Fetch Top stories (from RSS feeds)

Instant email dispatch functionality has been extended to all functionalities in Circulation. Apart from the above changes there are bug fixes.

NewGenLib Open Source Team is eager to help you and is waiting to you serve you. We are only an email away. Send queries to

We thank all the community members who helped us through their valuable inputs and suggestions and making this new release possible.

Happy Library Management

Warm regards
NewGenLib Open Source Team