NGL Enterprises Edition 3.2

NewGenLib Helium Enterprises Edition v3.2 Release
Dear Patron,
We are happy to announce the release of NGL EE Helium v3.2

Following are the features and updates of this version

1. Implemented new features for support Biometric authentication in NGLCounter & NGLTouch
2. Introducing new Android application available in Google Play store - NGL Helium
3. Added Department filed in Complete report for all departments in NGL Desktop reports
4. Added new feature to generate Title & Author fields, report can be generated by giving Accession Numbers in NGL Desktop reports
5. Provided blinking message after member registration through OPAC
6. Added Unblocking patrons automatically if the patron paid overdue
7. Previously Delinquency reason shows only current message, now modified with previous Delinquency reasons too
8. Added time limit to avoid double scan issue in the NGL Counter
9. Permanent check-in through NGL Touch functionality was added on optional basis
10. Look and feel of NGL Touch was Enhanced


1. Integration of RFID through SIP2 and NCIP server bug fixed
2. Bug Fixed in List Patrons Live Members Report (previously the active patrons are shown as membership expired users)
3. NGL Auto EOD patrons fine auto block bug fixed
4. NGL Client patron bulk update having more than 12 digits have a bug which is fixed

For Updating your present version please book your slot by writing email to

For Android mobile app integration your server should be internet connected Static IP (Public IP), Further NGL Team will install required plugins and provides server ip and port which need to be shared with users (students), the user id and password will be the same as OPAC.