More than free -it's FREEDOM

More than free -it's FREEDOM

NewGenLib is available in one of the most liberal licensing systems called the GNU GPL Version 3. You can download, install and use it free of cost without any conditions. Also, you can redistribute it to others. Many of the ILS compel you to use/buy specific Operating system or Database server. On the other hand NewGenLib uses all open source components. It means there are no hidden costs whatsoever. You can choose a free/opensource Operating System like Linux, free/opensource database Postgresql, and free/opensource web server like Apache Tomcat.

When you can

  • Install NewGenLib yourself
  • Traing yourself
  • Maintain NewGenLib yourself
  • Upgarde NewGenLib yourself

Why purchase a system?

The Verus Solutions Promise for the NewGenLib community is to make all versions of NewGenLib open source.