Latest in technology

Latest in technology

NewGenLib uses a blend of free, open source and sophisticated third party libraries and packages

Presentation layer

  1. SWING based GUI client - Java Runtime Environment 1.6 (Free ware). Java Web Start based Applet
  2. JDOM for XML/JSON messaging (open source)
  3. Java Help 2.0 for help (free ware)
  4. Jasper Reports (open source)
  5. Java Mail (Free Ware)
  6. Jakarta POI (open source)
  7. Open Office – form letters (open source)

Application server layer

  1. Servlets and JSPs - Tomcat web server (open source)
  2. Struts frame work
  3. Spring framework
  4. Hibernate
  5. Tomcat 6.0
  6. JDOM (open source)
  7. XCQL – CQL parser(open source)


  1. Postgresql 8.3 (open source) database server is the default database

Search engine for rapid bibliographic and authority database searches

  1. Lucene and Solr