Getting started

Getting started

Are you thinking about using NewGenLib as your ILS?

If yes, you must be wondering how to start and where to start.



Step 1: Firstly we request you to drill down through the features and functional modules of NewGenLib.

Because we want you to first be convinced that you are going to use the best Integrated Library System. We want you to believe that this Library system is going to be your honest friend for rest of your life. If you have any doubts regarding the features, technology or anything please send us an email to

Step 2: Download the latest version of NewGenLib.

There are installation instructions in the download page. Are you finding any difficulties in installing NewGenLib? We are here to serve you. To get our expert's help just click here. Get this service free of cost

Step 3: Migrate your existing data into NewGenLib.

You might be having your bibliographic data in Excel sheet or CDSISIS or any other machine readable format. Send it to us and get it converted to NewGenLib database. This service is free of cost. Visit our Data migration page for more details.

Step 4: Get trained on NewGenLib.

Do not be scared to reading long manual documents to learn about NewGenLib. We understand you, just sit and go through our videos hosted at Train yourself and train your library staff. All our videos are based on "Creative Commons Attribution license". This means you can download and reuse in your lectures, training or any other purpose.

Isn't it convenient and free? We term this as FREEDOM.

How about support during a critical hour?

What should I do if all of a sudden my system gives a problem and I am stuck? We are your buddies and we are always there for your rescue. Get our expert's help just click here. Get this service free of cost. For regular support we recommend you to join our community. If you want a dedicated channel for support you may request for a commercial support.


Join us by registering with us. You can get help as well as help others in your community. Please click here to register.