Enhanced communication channels to library users through NewGenLib

Dear Patrons:

NewGenLib Open Source enhances communication channels to your library
users. Apart from generating form letters in document formats messages
are sent as Text messages(SMS) and Emails. Especially in circulation
functionality dispatch of the messages through these channels is

Email facility
The email functionality not only works with SMTP severs but also with
Google mail server. This means if your organization/library does not
have SMTP facility you do not have to worry. Create an email in Gmail
for your library and use this facility. System as usual works with SMTP
servers. Another good news is for organizations/libraries using Google
Apps, you can use this facility with it.

Mobile text messages(SMS) facility
SMS functionality is available through SMS Internet gateways. If you
have access to SMS Internet gateway we can help you to integrate your
NewGenLib Application with the gateway. For libraries operating in India
there is no additional integration necessary. The system is already
configured to send SMS to your users. This facility is free. In Patron
information user Phone II to store the patron's mobile number.

We would also like to inform you that NGL version 3.0.2 Update 2 is
available for download.

If you are using NewGenLib 3.0.2 or NewGenLib 3.0.2 Update 1 and wish to
upgrade to the latest update, visit
If you using an old version of NewGenLib and want to upgrade to the
latest version, visit http://www.verussolutions.biz/kb/node/27

Visit our all new website www.verussolutions.biz for more information.
Do not hesitate to send us any queries on NewGenLib. Email us at

Wishing you a happy library management