Earn from NewGenLib

  • Are you a computer expert?
  • Are you currently providing any IT related services to colleges, schools, universities or any other organizations having libraries?
  • Are you confident in Installing NewGenLib and also upgrade it to its newer versions?
  • Are you aware of simple NewGenLib troubleshooting techniques?
  • Can you guide the librarian to use NewGenLib Knowledge Bank videos to train themselves? Or even train the librarian to use simple cataloging and circulation?

If the answer to the above answers is YES, register to our free-lancer program. The advantages you get.

  • Apart from your contacts we route enquiries in your region to you
  • Training on first-level support to be provided to the library
  • Special channel customer support to help you in Installation, Training, Data migration, trouble shooting and support.

Are you using NGL? Register with us and get assistance. No contact will be made for any sort of commercial proposition unless requested by the library