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In the last 2 years 2,500 libraries across 58 countries deployed NewGenLib as Primary Integrated Library System. Now you can use Vufind as your OPAC for NewGenLib Click here. NewGenLib GUI can now be viewed in 51 languagesClick here.
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Easy yet sophisticated Series
  • Technical Processing(Cataloging)
    • Import catalog records:To import catalog records forget the tough ways of using Z39.50. Go to Library of Congress or any sych OPAC and import records directly into NewGenLib. Click here
    • Cataloging using Simple Template: Discover the ease of cataloging with NewGenLib. Click here
    • Catalog a serial: Cataloging and managing the serials is perphaps the most difficult part of library management. MARC21 for holdings has defined the highest degree of flexibility in cataloging serials. NewgenLib added the flavor or easiness to it. Click here
    • Cataloging multi-volumes: A demo of cataloging multi-volumes. See the flexibility and easiness of this functionality. Click here
version 3
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Version 3.0 Enterprise Edition is now available. Send me a quote
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