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In the last 2 years 2,500 libraries across 58 countries deployed NewGenLib as Primary Integrated Library System. Now you can use Vufind as your OPAC for NewGenLib Click here. NewGenLib GUI can now be viewed in 51 languagesClick here.
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Presentation layer
SWING based GUI client - Java Runtime Environment 1.4.2 (Free ware). Java Web Start based Applet JDOM for XML messaging (open source)‏ Java Help 2.0 for help (free ware)‏ Jasper Reports (open source)‏ Hibernate (open source)‏ Java Mail (Free Ware)‏ Jakarta POI (open source)‏ Open Office 2.0 – form letters (open source)‏
Application server layer
Servlets and JSPs - Tomcat web server (open source) Struts frame work Enterprise Java Beans - Jboss Application Server 3.2.1 (open source)‏ JDOM (open source)‏ XCQL – CQL parser(open source)‏
EJB - Entity beans (Container Managed Persistence) and SQL used: Porting from one database to another is much easier Postgresql (open source) database server is the default database server used
version 3
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