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In the last 2 years 2,500 libraries across 58 countries deployed NewGenLib as Primary Integrated Library System. Now you can use Vufind as your OPAC for NewGenLib Click here. NewGenLib GUI can now be viewed in 51 languagesClick here.
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Evangelist Program

NewGenLib Open Source Evangelist Program

Do you want to help your librarian friends to automate their libraries using NGL Open source? Or, are already doing so?

If you are already using NewGenLib and want to be part of this mission, Evangelist program is just for you.

Objectives of this program

  1. Help libraries who do not have funds for automation

  2. Educate librarians and library managers to provide valuable information services to their users

  3. Enable libraries to build information networks rather than working as isolated islands of information

  4. Development of future versions of NGL Open source based on the requirements of the community

How will the Evangelist benefit?

Once you become an authorized Evangelist in your region

  1. You are authorized to conduct workshops and seminars on NewGenLib. NewGenLib developers will identify these activities as authentic.

  2. Provide material for workshop. This material can be replicated and distributed to the members.

  3. Authorization certificate from the developers of NewGenLib

  4. NewGenLib will host the names and contact information of the evangelists on its web site. Any one who visits the NewGenLib website in search of a evangelist in their region will be able to locate you and take your services.

Evangelists are allowed to charge the participants for the above activities and services.

Activities initiated by developers (Verus Solutions)

We intend to develop a social network of NewGenLib Open Source users across geographic regions. The activities that are part of the network would be

  1. Blogging

  2. Hosting events in that region

  3. Links to important information that is of general interest to the members of the community

  4. Videos: NGL demo and education videos. Even member can produce videos and share among community members

  5. Forums to host, discuss and solve problems

  6. Host FAQs

  7. Chat and share photos of events

The members of the network will have a medium to do all these social activities so that they can get the maximum benefit.

What are we expecting from the Evangelists?

  1. Help the libraries to install and use NewGenLib open source. Charge the library for these open source services.

  2. Moderate the social network of their region

  3. Ask libraries using NewGenLib to register themselves on

    1. NewGenLib Community site

    2. NewGenLib developers

    3. And also be part of the social network of their professional community using Twitter, Slideshare, Facebook and Linkedin.

Immediate action to be taken

Please send us an email to with the following details.

  1. Your name:

  2. Organization name:

  3. Designation:

  4. Address:

  5. City:

  6. State:

  7. Country:

  8. Phone number:

  9. If you have already helped any library with NGL Open Source, please mention those details

Please note that private owned organizations cannot be part of the evangelist program. Only individuals, and non-profit organizations can apply for this program.

Thank you for your time and your inspiration to help the libraries.

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