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In the last 2 years 2,500 libraries across 58 countries deployed NewGenLib as Primary Integrated Library System. Now you can use Vufind as your OPAC for NewGenLib Click here. NewGenLib GUI can now be viewed in 51 languagesClick here.
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NewGenLib E-University
  • Education collaboration program
  • NewGenLib open source on-line education
  • Publish white papers on various aspects of library automation
  • Newsletters on current development of NewGenLib
  • Research and Development
NewGenLib E-University
Education collaboration program

NewGenLib E-University is in the process of contacting all the Library and Information Science departments across the globe. Under this collaboration program we intend to

  1. Provide NewGenLib Open Source System to library science department
  2. Provide training material for
    • Best practices in library management
    • Global standards in library management
  3. Conduct practical workshops
  4. Provide certification programs for the students
  5. Make students help the library community by deploying NewGenLib Open Source free of cost in the libraries across their country.

NewGenLib E-University
On-line Education

E-University will be developing content to train librarians to use NewGenLib. This continuous process of developing content will be in the form of

  • Videos. Please click here
  • Tutorial documents
  • Podcasts
We are in the process of developing a series of videos called 'Easy yet sophisticated Series' click here. Through this we would like to impart to librarians the ease with which all the library functionalities can be carried out using NewGenLib.

NewGenLib E-University
White papers

We have published some white papers on library management. These white papers support our research being conducted on libraries. These white papers will be hosted shortly.

NewGenLib E-University

The latest happenings at NewGenLib side as well as in the field of library automation.

NewGenLib E-University
Research and Development

In the developing countries libraries are poorly funded. Hence it is very important that libraries generate revenues or infact generate profits. By doing so they become self-sustained and can also grow. At NewGenLib E-University we have done research and are developing business models to make libraries profitable.

To participate in any of the above programs you may send an email to education@verussolutions.biz

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